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Here is a sample of some of the homes components that stick out and call attention that without a professional home inspection could go unnoticed and lead to future costly issues if not remedied.

removed the front panel on a gas furnace to reveal an electrocuted squirrel and a mouse, both made their way in through the fresh air duct that didn't have its screen in place. this could've been the end of the electronics in the furnace or even worse a fire.

handyman plumbing under a sink will eventually lead to clogging and poor drainage.

electrical conduit going to a patio has broke at a connection exposing the wires to the outdoor elements.

Cracked shingles eventually lead to an unwanted leak.

cleaning gutters routinely will help avoid downspouts clogging and growing trees

Attention to this chimney years ago could've avoided the loss of its protective coating.

Someone wanted this shingle tab to stay in place but this exposed nail head will lead to a leak in the future if not sealed properly.

The aluminum wrap on the fascia board was coming loose allowing water to penetrate, if left alone it could cause unwanted deterioration or even get a good wind and pull it rite off the house.

an old electrical panel with multiple different brands of circuit breakers that are not compatible, in the future there could be serious hazards if not remedied by a licensed electrician.

Condensation dripping inside the furnace, someone attempted to stuff a rag in there to soak up the moisture now its causing the bottom to rust out.

The satellite dish company decided this was the best place to put their junction box.

Down spout disconnected from both underground drain tile and extension letting the water flow rite along the foundation.

Maintaining caulk around the trim to get the most life out of your windows.

Keeping wood trim painted or sealed to prevent wood rot and get the most life out of your exterior finishes.

the satellite dish installer had plenty of extra wire to get rid of that day!

No rain cap or spark arrestor on this chimney can allow allot of things to enter from critters, leaves, rain, and snow that all can lead to potential issues.

lack of maintenance ends in rotted window frames, painting and sealing will prevent this from occurring.

Using a moisture meter on a ceiling stain to determine if there is an active leak, this appears to have been a leaking toilet from above.

Old moisture stain tested dry it was determined the shower above had leaked in the past.

The gable vents have been covered by the siding, causing premature aging of the shingles due to the increased temperatures in the attic.

Multiple open junction boxes, recommend a qualified electrician evaluate (put a cover on for safety)

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